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Fashion Innovation

Fashion is innovation to promote value in others lives as well as our own.

After reading a plethora of fashion magazines as a teenager, I had new found imagination and inspiration in my own style of doing things. Different subjects of interest had taken me to do schooling, such as in Esthetition work, Make-Up Artistry, Skin Care, Medical Science, and Dance, but all seem to fit hand in hand with my passion with the art of fashion. Admiration is in demand, it creates an inspiration for other things to be pursued. What better way is there to do that than dressing yourself to your unique confidence in style, for your unique areas of interest? I recognize that compliments come naturally when people feel and look great. Many of us have gone through many styles during the different era’s of our lifespans so far. I have noticed the quite unique way that I always put a twist on mainstream trends. Some of the trends would seem to start after an admired person took a fashion “risk” in a group of people who would dress significantly the same. As soon as I would notice though, a trend that would start, I would definitely switch it up and push the boundry button once again. Isn’t that how great work innovation starts? Too much of the same thing is boring after a while, it can get old, repetitive, and unproductive. It’s up to us to make the changes that promote innovation not only in art or fashion, but with our interests and the whole world itself. It is ours, we can choose to take care of this place we own, or let it get run down which costs a lot of money for the fixin’ up later (plastic surgery). Let us liven it up and play with the colors and patterns of the world. Expressing our own unique selves has value. Great work comes naturally.


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  1. Cameron

    Some very interesting Ideas

    October 25, 2010 at 11:32 pm

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