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Happy Skin

Since I am an Esthetician I do alot of playing around with natural substances to create natural products for skin. The benefit of this is that you get to know exactly what is put into your skin product and can use materials as close to the root as you want. The more natural the better. Our delicate face skin is exposed everyday to harmful molecules that can inject themselves into our cells causing a change in our healthy skin cell tissue. The secret to protecting against these factors, i believe, is in the natural. The closer to the root you are the better you feel. It’s called homeostasis, the maintenance of metabolic equilibrium by a tendency to compensate for disrupting changes that take place.

I also find great joy in mixing and making things with my own two hands. Seeing some great results with something i had created. I find my recipe’s from all over the place. My ideas can stem anywhere from ancient Indian rituals to those flowers sitting outside your window. A lot of the things I have made so far have been pretty successful in what I call a good skin product. As i make more of these creations, i have decided that I am going to start blogging about them. I would love to share my results, and for you to give me feedback.


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