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The Baby Papaya- facial mask

A few weeks ago, i got this crazy urge to make an enzyme mask. Enzymes are natural in fruits and other things, but for the face they target the old dead skin cells and leave the healthy skin alone to shine on. It’s known to soften and heal skin. Reducing fine lines, hyperpigmentation (darker skin areas), and cleansing as it dissolves dead skin and debris from face (natural exfoliation). I started researching some good recipes for this and finally decided that I was going to use papaya and pineapple as my main ingredients. They both have a high enzyme potency.


After i collected some ingredients i went home to start slicing and blending. Soon after I realized that the papaya i had gotten wasn’t ripe…so i got my gun and shot it. Actually i just used my big guns and continued slicing the very hard papaya. I decided to use it anyway.

I STARTED PUTTING THINGS INTO THE BLENDER: baby papaya, pineapple chunks, honey, aloe vera, rosewater



poured into container. (This stuff has to be refrigerated or else)


It came out a milky color, with an interesting but not bad scent, mostly smelling like the baby papaya. It was a lot more watery than I’d hoped for a mask, but i felt that it would be good for better penetration into the skin, since the molecules were so small. Less useless matter sitting on top of skin. Plus, it would last many days longer since a little goes a long way. I used it a few days a week and gave some to my mother for her to try. The results were a success!


A fresh feel when it’s on your face, you might notice it a little itchy but not unbearable but that means it’s working. The more you feel it, the more sensitive your skin is. Leave it on for ten minutes and wash off. Unfortunately, the mask even though kept in the fridge, eventually rotted after 2 weeks, in which you’ll surely notice the difference in smell. Next time I will have to freeze it.

My mother and I both noticed fine lines reduced, softer, more supple skin. A lingering scent of baby papaya stayed on the skin for days after the treatment, even after washing the face, putting on make up, etc.. The lingering scent of papaya was a great sign, meaning the scent as well as other enzymes are probably holding on and still working for more than the time that the mask is on. I also realized that this might have not happened if it wasn’t for the unripe papaya I had struggled with. The good stuff takes a little effort.

So Reader, I encourage you to try my successful Papaya Mask out and let me know what kind of experience you have with it.




2 responses

  1. Amanda

    I think I might try this! It will give me an excuse to buy a blender. :]

    October 25, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    • oh good=). I love blending things i have a lot of fun with it lol. Let me know how it works out and such.

      October 25, 2010 at 7:26 pm

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