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Fiesta Cake Face

Girls (and boys), have you ever gotten the comment or have spoken the comment, “You wear too much make-up”? This statement is misinformation. You can never wear too much make-up. What you can do is wear too many products at one time and apply them in the wrong way. In which you might get the same comment. This comment could very well be used to blame the make -up for lack of skilled or balanced application from the actual person who did it. So there are two things that should happen:

Some people should shut up, and just let different people express their different selves the way they want to. (fiesta cake face approval!)

Some people  should seek professional help. (make a tasty face!)

Professionals in  Make-up Artistry take make-up application seriously. Therefore, having a passion for being very skilled and very happy to help with whatever look you are trying to create.




2 responses

  1. If its about letting people be different people then why do you say that some people should seek help?

    Aren’t peoples faces unique and different already? it’s cool if you want to wear makeup it just seems a little absurd to cover up what you are with products and that your looks can be sold to you.

    Beauty is subjective so it’s impossible to ever a settle a debate about what is beautiful, but, is it so wrong to believe that you are born with all the beauty you need?

    The truth is that makeup isn’t disgusting, its the fact that there is so much focus on outer “beauty” that is sickening.

    What about people that can’t afford quality makeup that doesnt clog pores?

    I would just like to know what you would define as beautiful

    December 12, 2010 at 9:04 pm

    • Good questions! There are lots of things that I would define as beautiful, and I personally believe that everyone is beautiful in their own special, unique way. I see all kinds of beauties everywhere, all of the time! Make-up should not be used to hide and I do see a lot of people see it as something to hide under or don’t think they can show themselves without it. I see make-up as an art expression, something fun to do. It brings confidence to a lot of faces, because it can accentuate your already natural beauty if done right. People are born with all of the beauty they will ever need in a lifetime and beyond they just have to realize, embrace this fact, and live it by expressing it in so many ways. It feels so good to have this freedom! I am a Make-up Artist and I help people create the look they want to express for all of the lovely moments that come with living just beautifully. I create art on the face. People choose if they want my help or not, and nothing is wrong with them if they don’t. I just love painting face with the colors and shapes this world has to offer, just as any artist would. Also, a lot of high branded make-up can also clog pores as well as cheaper brands. That’s when people should research and/or talk to the right person so we can get pointed in the right direction with our skin and make-up issues, and fix it!

      December 13, 2010 at 5:04 pm

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