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Face Touches

Massage is one of the oldest therapeutic methods and has many benefits to your skin as well as your over all health.

When your body feels touch, reflex receptors respond by increasing blood and lymph flow. Your main nervous system responds in a state of relaxation.

So what does this mean for your face in a European Facial massage?! Well let me tell you and then know that there is a very good reason why it is incorporated with the rest of your professional facial.

Facial massage (which also usually includes massage of the neck back and shoulders, etc.)

  • Stimulates blood and lymph circulation- so you can release nasty buildups in toxins and give them to the toilet
  • Relaxes YOU, plus your facial muscles, that get tense as you express yourself everyday
  • Reduces puffiness and sinus congestion (allergies and/or after sleep you may have fat face due to water retention)
  • BETTER facial product absorption-good stuff in. bad stuff out.
  • RELIEVES muscle tension and pain
  • Helps face muscle tone up
  • Helps to slough off unneeded dead skin cells
  • Improves physiological/psychological well-being,

so get touched.=)


One response

  1. It is good that you remind us about massage. We women tend to think of more drastic solutions like botox instead.

    January 21, 2011 at 1:33 am

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