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Admirably Smart

classy: of high class, rank, or grade; stylish; admirably smart; elegant.

I am  inspired by this word and it has a ton more meaning to me than what dictionary.com has to offer. This word is well exhibited in the world of dance, as well as fashion. This word means holding yourself to a certain standard for yourself and not specifically for other people. If they do see they might use this term to describe you.

The classy body language could be one portrayed in ballet or a form of elegant dance, but who’s to say we aren’t dancing through our daily lives already. Posture is a key to unlock the amazing feelings our body’s have to offer. As you walk your head is held above pulled back shoulders and a strong heart, and we shall rest there in confidence. A direct line can be drawn from the base of your neck and followed down an erect spine to the buttocks. While keeping this in mind we tend to do things naturally more elegant.

A posh appearance is on the well furnished being. Fine work that is worn well in lovely patterns and  materials this world has to offer. The rewards of tedious great work comes easily if done enough times. Then we should live in the luxury, while striving for our next victories. Provided with the necessary, we should be using and giving in great amounts as well as holding ourselves to our standard.

We don’t have to speak to hold on to our classiness as our bodies already tell of this.

I am fascinated by the positioning of bodies in this modern world. So many positions have been  created, we are such artistic beings.

To be chic. When you look up, the image of where your going is more clear. A quiet gaze of confidence will not go unnoticed.


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