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Your Strong Hand- A Detox Story


Hello all! Due to some lifestyle changes I have not been here in a while, but now I AM BACK and READY to share with you one lifestyle change that I chose myself to take place in. It’s called A DETOX, well I called it “I’m on A Detox” “The food kind…”, but the support book I read had another name.  The Complete Idiots Guide to DETOXING YOUR BODY by Delia Quigley was it’s name, and I made it my best friend/reference book  for a month or so. We are still friends, but anyway my 2 week detox plan was strictly no refined sugar or fake sugar, no flour, no dairy, no wheat(and wheat is in alot of things) caffiene, alcohol, tobacco, or any other mind altering chemicals. I’m proud to say I stuck to it, until 2 weeks when Cupid shanked me with chocolate thoughts every where I turned, fancy dinner, and heart lollipops that said hug me at work. I am shameless though because I did it and I continue to be healthier than I was to this day.

THE FIRST WEEK of the detox was a little bit painful, I’m not going to lie. I had withdrawls from tobacco and caffiene I’m sure, plus the other foods I was no longer intaking. Depending on who you are withdrawl symptoms vary, mine were migraines, neck tension, tiredness, cloudy brain feeling, but with excitedness in the mixture of all of this because I WAS on my way to feeling FREAKING AWESOME.

WEEK TWO was much better as withdrawls simmered down I got energy back and wanted to do more things, and my overall body and mindset felt alot better. Saying no to things was alot easier, people started getting used to my orders of soymilk, decaffienated, sugar free latte’s(which were actually pretty good) and used to the fact that food has chemicals and I don’t want them. Yeah I got some silly looks and remarks, BUT WORTH IT, and alot of people look up to that kind of control and distinct requests of what you want.

There is much more to learn about detoxing, but for more information you will need a book and to grab it with a strong hand.

                                                                                     Here are some of the breakfasts that I had made for myself:

1. This is Herbal Tea with Lemon. Wheat and dairy free Spelt Bread with Almond Butter. Kiwis. Banana.

2. Fresh Pressed Apple Juice. Sqeezed lemon,water, and agave sweetener. Oatmeal with cinnimon, fresh cut apples, and stevia sweetener.

3. Lemon Water. Soy yogurt with dry oatmeal and fresh peaches on top. Flaxseed and hemp protien powder put in it.


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