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Admirably Smart

classy: of high class, rank, or grade; stylish; admirably smart; elegant.

I am  inspired by this word and it has a ton more meaning to me than what dictionary.com has to offer. This word is well exhibited in the world of dance, as well as fashion. This word means holding yourself to a certain standard for yourself and not specifically for other people. If they do see they might use this term to describe you.

The classy body language could be one portrayed in ballet or a form of elegant dance, but who’s to say we aren’t dancing through our daily lives already. Posture is a key to unlock the amazing feelings our body’s have to offer. As you walk your head is held above pulled back shoulders and a strong heart, and we shall rest there in confidence. A direct line can be drawn from the base of your neck and followed down an erect spine to the buttocks. While keeping this in mind we tend to do things naturally more elegant.

A posh appearance is on the well furnished being. Fine work that is worn well in lovely patterns and  materials this world has to offer. The rewards of tedious great work comes easily if done enough times. Then we should live in the luxury, while striving for our next victories. Provided with the necessary, we should be using and giving in great amounts as well as holding ourselves to our standard.

We don’t have to speak to hold on to our classiness as our bodies already tell of this.

I am fascinated by the positioning of bodies in this modern world. So many positions have been  created, we are such artistic beings.

To be chic. When you look up, the image of where your going is more clear. A quiet gaze of confidence will not go unnoticed.


Your Face Canvas

Make-up is an art expression and your face is the canvas.

A blank canvas to me is exciting in it’s potential and that’s how i feel when I am looking at your face!

Make-up can accentuate the naturals

Add color and vibrancy

Create an image

Express a feeling

Hide a “flaw”

Create an illusion

Cure The Humbug

Christmas is coming. All I seem to be thinking about is how glorious the Christmas decorations are. What are you thinking about? Metallics, SPARKLES, red, shiny balls, presents, it’s cold -it all captures my attention. Also the people in this town have been dressing so nicely lately, and I ultimately appreciate a nicely dressed fellow.

Some people may become stagnant due to the weather and I understand we can all come in contact with a humbug once in a while, so here are some suggestions to help kill that bug:

Can’t gift give yet, what you can do is GIFT MAKE. What better way to get in a jolly mood! Last year I made a Starbucks Holiday Coffee Mask and I would love to share it with you.

MAKE BOWS- I’m making a glimmering bow tie for my Christmas Man-Date.

If you have a beard or can have one GROW THAT FUZZ OUT! and if you want to be even more bold BLEACH IT.

Get involved in a Holiday Party-feed off other people- COOKIES, HOLIDAY SPIRITS, CHEERS AND SUCH.

have a brewsky- GET EVEN MORE JOLLY.

HUG THE SANTA-because it feels good.

Go shopping for toys!-THEN DONATE

BECAUSE IT’S FUN- Decorate yourself and surroundings, for better change with the seasons.

You don’t just need to, but when you actually want to that makes it even more exciting.

Fiesta Cake Face

Girls (and boys), have you ever gotten the comment or have spoken the comment, “You wear too much make-up”? This statement is misinformation. You can never wear too much make-up. What you can do is wear too many products at one time and apply them in the wrong way. In which you might get the same comment. This comment could very well be used to blame the make -up for lack of skilled or balanced application from the actual person who did it. So there are two things that should happen:

Some people should shut up, and just let different people express their different selves the way they want to. (fiesta cake face approval!)

Some people  should seek professional help. (make a tasty face!)

Professionals in  Make-up Artistry take make-up application seriously. Therefore, having a passion for being very skilled and very happy to help with whatever look you are trying to create.



Flower Power

Started out something like this.









Went something like that.









Last week I received a single white rose already budded cut off the bush, so clearly it was on it’s way to dying right?

NO, before I could let this happen right before my eyes, I got this urge to extend the life of this natural aging flower. And why underestimate the possible?

My intent: to extend the life of the cut-off-the-bush flower with love and affection.

I immediately put it in purified mountain water and set it in a glass mug on my desk. That whole rest of the day I would look at it lovingly. I would say things like, “I love you”, touching it’s petal and telling it how simply beautiful and soft it was; “You are SO SWEET, YOU SMELL DELICIOUS, YOU MAKE MY DESK LOOK GOOD”, etc.

Sadly I had to leave it for two days for the weekend, but when I came back Monday I continued to communicate with the rose. Amazingly, it was still as alive as the first time I saw it.

On Tuesday I noticed it had bloomed a bit more than it’s original state. I was so excited I said, “Thank you!”, and encouraged it to feel free to grow even more.

It continued blooming more and more throughout the whole week and finally got to it’s full potential within the circumstances of the glass mug it was living out of. It had fully bloomed.

So Reader, perfect proof is in the experiment.

Give love and watch things grow.

Shoes Oh My God Shoes

“What are you going to do with your life?”


“Let’s get some shoes.”

Fashion Innovation

Fashion is innovation to promote value in others lives as well as our own.

After reading a plethora of fashion magazines as a teenager, I had new found imagination and inspiration in my own style of doing things. Different subjects of interest had taken me to do schooling, such as in Esthetition work, Make-Up Artistry, Skin Care, Medical Science, and Dance, but all seem to fit hand in hand with my passion with the art of fashion. Admiration is in demand, it creates an inspiration for other things to be pursued. What better way is there to do that than dressing yourself to your unique confidence in style, for your unique areas of interest? I recognize that compliments come naturally when people feel and look great. Many of us have gone through many styles during the different era’s of our lifespans so far. I have noticed the quite unique way that I always put a twist on mainstream trends. Some of the trends would seem to start after an admired person took a fashion “risk” in a group of people who would dress significantly the same. As soon as I would notice though, a trend that would start, I would definitely switch it up and push the boundry button once again. Isn’t that how great work innovation starts? Too much of the same thing is boring after a while, it can get old, repetitive, and unproductive. It’s up to us to make the changes that promote innovation not only in art or fashion, but with our interests and the whole world itself. It is ours, we can choose to take care of this place we own, or let it get run down which costs a lot of money for the fixin’ up later (plastic surgery). Let us liven it up and play with the colors and patterns of the world. Expressing our own unique selves has value. Great work comes naturally.