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Your Strong Hand- A Detox Story


Hello all! Due to some lifestyle changes I have not been here in a while, but now I AM BACK and READY to share with you one lifestyle change that I chose myself to take place in. It’s called A DETOX, well I called it “I’m on A Detox” “The food kind…”, but the support book I read had another name.  The Complete Idiots Guide to DETOXING YOUR BODY by Delia Quigley was it’s name, and I made it my best friend/reference book  for a month or so. We are still friends, but anyway my 2 week detox plan was strictly no refined sugar or fake sugar, no flour, no dairy, no wheat(and wheat is in alot of things) caffiene, alcohol, tobacco, or any other mind altering chemicals. I’m proud to say I stuck to it, until 2 weeks when Cupid shanked me with chocolate thoughts every where I turned, fancy dinner, and heart lollipops that said hug me at work. I am shameless though because I did it and I continue to be healthier than I was to this day.

THE FIRST WEEK of the detox was a little bit painful, I’m not going to lie. I had withdrawls from tobacco and caffiene I’m sure, plus the other foods I was no longer intaking. Depending on who you are withdrawl symptoms vary, mine were migraines, neck tension, tiredness, cloudy brain feeling, but with excitedness in the mixture of all of this because I WAS on my way to feeling FREAKING AWESOME.

WEEK TWO was much better as withdrawls simmered down I got energy back and wanted to do more things, and my overall body and mindset felt alot better. Saying no to things was alot easier, people started getting used to my orders of soymilk, decaffienated, sugar free latte’s(which were actually pretty good) and used to the fact that food has chemicals and I don’t want them. Yeah I got some silly looks and remarks, BUT WORTH IT, and alot of people look up to that kind of control and distinct requests of what you want.

There is much more to learn about detoxing, but for more information you will need a book and to grab it with a strong hand.

                                                                                     Here are some of the breakfasts that I had made for myself:

1. This is Herbal Tea with Lemon. Wheat and dairy free Spelt Bread with Almond Butter. Kiwis. Banana.

2. Fresh Pressed Apple Juice. Sqeezed lemon,water, and agave sweetener. Oatmeal with cinnimon, fresh cut apples, and stevia sweetener.

3. Lemon Water. Soy yogurt with dry oatmeal and fresh peaches on top. Flaxseed and hemp protien powder put in it.


Face Touches

Massage is one of the oldest therapeutic methods and has many benefits to your skin as well as your over all health.

When your body feels touch, reflex receptors respond by increasing blood and lymph flow. Your main nervous system responds in a state of relaxation.

So what does this mean for your face in a European Facial massage?! Well let me tell you and then know that there is a very good reason why it is incorporated with the rest of your professional facial.

Facial massage (which also usually includes massage of the neck back and shoulders, etc.)

  • Stimulates blood and lymph circulation- so you can release nasty buildups in toxins and give them to the toilet
  • Relaxes YOU, plus your facial muscles, that get tense as you express yourself everyday
  • Reduces puffiness and sinus congestion (allergies and/or after sleep you may have fat face due to water retention)
  • BETTER facial product absorption-good stuff in. bad stuff out.
  • RELIEVES muscle tension and pain
  • Helps face muscle tone up
  • Helps to slough off unneeded dead skin cells
  • Improves physiological/psychological well-being,

so get touched.=)

Wash With Lemons

Lemon Face Cleanser

“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.”

– Paul Valery(1800’s poet and philosopher)

This is a peak at the wonderful creation that I had made for Christmas presents this year. Due to the cost of ingredients I could only produce 10 of them, even though I would have loved to let everyone I knew and more get a taste of this! For all of you who received one I would love to hear your feedback. I myself have used it and it’s worked great for my sensitive, dry, wintered skin. Exhilarating the senses and putting some of the moisture back in the skin that has been lost with the season.

In this product I used all natural ingredients and made sure that I got a variety of lemon extracts that really do affect the skin in a great way. These lemon extracts are purifying, known to brighten skin and even out skin tone. Lemon also is very good for your senses, uplifting your mood, balancing and calming. It truly smells delicious, this isn’t your average lemon or lemon cleaner smell. It’s also good for your brain!-which is connected with your senses and skin. Improves mental clarity, alertness, and memory. Overall something to look forward to when you wash your face.




Your Face Canvas

Make-up is an art expression and your face is the canvas.

A blank canvas to me is exciting in it’s potential and that’s how i feel when I am looking at your face!

Make-up can accentuate the naturals

Add color and vibrancy

Create an image

Express a feeling

Hide a “flaw”

Create an illusion

Fiesta Cake Face

Girls (and boys), have you ever gotten the comment or have spoken the comment, “You wear too much make-up”? This statement is misinformation. You can never wear too much make-up. What you can do is wear too many products at one time and apply them in the wrong way. In which you might get the same comment. This comment could very well be used to blame the make -up for lack of skilled or balanced application from the actual person who did it. So there are two things that should happen:

Some people should shut up, and just let different people express their different selves the way they want to. (fiesta cake face approval!)

Some people  should seek professional help. (make a tasty face!)

Professionals in  Make-up Artistry take make-up application seriously. Therefore, having a passion for being very skilled and very happy to help with whatever look you are trying to create.



Flower Power

Started out something like this.









Went something like that.









Last week I received a single white rose already budded cut off the bush, so clearly it was on it’s way to dying right?

NO, before I could let this happen right before my eyes, I got this urge to extend the life of this natural aging flower. And why underestimate the possible?

My intent: to extend the life of the cut-off-the-bush flower with love and affection.

I immediately put it in purified mountain water and set it in a glass mug on my desk. That whole rest of the day I would look at it lovingly. I would say things like, “I love you”, touching it’s petal and telling it how simply beautiful and soft it was; “You are SO SWEET, YOU SMELL DELICIOUS, YOU MAKE MY DESK LOOK GOOD”, etc.

Sadly I had to leave it for two days for the weekend, but when I came back Monday I continued to communicate with the rose. Amazingly, it was still as alive as the first time I saw it.

On Tuesday I noticed it had bloomed a bit more than it’s original state. I was so excited I said, “Thank you!”, and encouraged it to feel free to grow even more.

It continued blooming more and more throughout the whole week and finally got to it’s full potential within the circumstances of the glass mug it was living out of. It had fully bloomed.

So Reader, perfect proof is in the experiment.

Give love and watch things grow.

Wrinkles Tell A Story

A wrinkle is like a road on your face. It may tell where you went and when and for how many years you’ve been there.

This is called the worried and/or “I’m mad” wrinkle. Do this too much and you’ll be stuck with a wrinkle where your third eye is supposed to be. In conjunction you’ll always look pissed to see someone.

These are forehead wrinkles. These tell me that you have been learning things. Some people say the more lines you generate up there the more you know. You have had many surprised and curious moments.

Smile lines. These are my favorite. Smile enough and by the time you are 90 you won’t even have to try. You will automatically look like you’re HAPPY to see me.

The Baby Papaya- facial mask

A few weeks ago, i got this crazy urge to make an enzyme mask. Enzymes are natural in fruits and other things, but for the face they target the old dead skin cells and leave the healthy skin alone to shine on. It’s known to soften and heal skin. Reducing fine lines, hyperpigmentation (darker skin areas), and cleansing as it dissolves dead skin and debris from face (natural exfoliation). I started researching some good recipes for this and finally decided that I was going to use papaya and pineapple as my main ingredients. They both have a high enzyme potency.


After i collected some ingredients i went home to start slicing and blending. Soon after I realized that the papaya i had gotten wasn’t ripe…so i got my gun and shot it. Actually i just used my big guns and continued slicing the very hard papaya. I decided to use it anyway.

I STARTED PUTTING THINGS INTO THE BLENDER: baby papaya, pineapple chunks, honey, aloe vera, rosewater



poured into container. (This stuff has to be refrigerated or else)


It came out a milky color, with an interesting but not bad scent, mostly smelling like the baby papaya. It was a lot more watery than I’d hoped for a mask, but i felt that it would be good for better penetration into the skin, since the molecules were so small. Less useless matter sitting on top of skin. Plus, it would last many days longer since a little goes a long way. I used it a few days a week and gave some to my mother for her to try. The results were a success!


A fresh feel when it’s on your face, you might notice it a little itchy but not unbearable but that means it’s working. The more you feel it, the more sensitive your skin is. Leave it on for ten minutes and wash off. Unfortunately, the mask even though kept in the fridge, eventually rotted after 2 weeks, in which you’ll surely notice the difference in smell. Next time I will have to freeze it.

My mother and I both noticed fine lines reduced, softer, more supple skin. A lingering scent of baby papaya stayed on the skin for days after the treatment, even after washing the face, putting on make up, etc.. The lingering scent of papaya was a great sign, meaning the scent as well as other enzymes are probably holding on and still working for more than the time that the mask is on. I also realized that this might have not happened if it wasn’t for the unripe papaya I had struggled with. The good stuff takes a little effort.

So Reader, I encourage you to try my successful Papaya Mask out and let me know what kind of experience you have with it.



Happy Skin

Since I am an Esthetician I do alot of playing around with natural substances to create natural products for skin. The benefit of this is that you get to know exactly what is put into your skin product and can use materials as close to the root as you want. The more natural the better. Our delicate face skin is exposed everyday to harmful molecules that can inject themselves into our cells causing a change in our healthy skin cell tissue. The secret to protecting against these factors, i believe, is in the natural. The closer to the root you are the better you feel. It’s called homeostasis, the maintenance of metabolic equilibrium by a tendency to compensate for disrupting changes that take place.

I also find great joy in mixing and making things with my own two hands. Seeing some great results with something i had created. I find my recipe’s from all over the place. My ideas can stem anywhere from ancient Indian rituals to those flowers sitting outside your window. A lot of the things I have made so far have been pretty successful in what I call a good skin product. As i make more of these creations, i have decided that I am going to start blogging about them. I would love to share my results, and for you to give me feedback.