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Flower Power

Started out something like this.









Went something like that.









Last week I received a single white rose already budded cut off the bush, so clearly it was on it’s way to dying right?

NO, before I could let this happen right before my eyes, I got this urge to extend the life of this natural aging flower. And why underestimate the possible?

My intent: to extend the life of the cut-off-the-bush flower with love and affection.

I immediately put it in purified mountain water and set it in a glass mug on my desk. That whole rest of the day I would look at it lovingly. I would say things like, “I love you”, touching it’s petal and telling it how simply beautiful and soft it was; “You are SO SWEET, YOU SMELL DELICIOUS, YOU MAKE MY DESK LOOK GOOD”, etc.

Sadly I had to leave it for two days for the weekend, but when I came back Monday I continued to communicate with the rose. Amazingly, it was still as alive as the first time I saw it.

On Tuesday I noticed it had bloomed a bit more than it’s original state. I was so excited I said, “Thank you!”, and encouraged it to feel free to grow even more.

It continued blooming more and more throughout the whole week and finally got to it’s full potential within the circumstances of the glass mug it was living out of. It had fully bloomed.

So Reader, perfect proof is in the experiment.

Give love and watch things grow.


Wrinkles Tell A Story

A wrinkle is like a road on your face. It may tell where you went and when and for how many years you’ve been there.

This is called the worried and/or “I’m mad” wrinkle. Do this too much and you’ll be stuck with a wrinkle where your third eye is supposed to be. In conjunction you’ll always look pissed to see someone.

These are forehead wrinkles. These tell me that you have been learning things. Some people say the more lines you generate up there the more you know. You have had many surprised and curious moments.

Smile lines. These are my favorite. Smile enough and by the time you are 90 you won’t even have to try. You will automatically look like you’re HAPPY to see me.

Twirl and Hurl

Twirling is like a drug.

If you do too much of it you get sick and twisted.

you like to do it with other people because it makes you feel cooler when someone else is watching/ doing it with you.

You might see funny things after trying.

You feel the love when someone is holding your hand while doing.

Your body becomes off balance.

You feel like your flying and can’t stop once you get your momentum up.

Endorphin rush.

It’s true. You can be sober and get a high off of it.

Say BOO to drugs,

and WOO for twirling.

Shoes Oh My God Shoes

“What are you going to do with your life?”


“Let’s get some shoes.”

The Baby Papaya- facial mask

A few weeks ago, i got this crazy urge to make an enzyme mask. Enzymes are natural in fruits and other things, but for the face they target the old dead skin cells and leave the healthy skin alone to shine on. It’s known to soften and heal skin. Reducing fine lines, hyperpigmentation (darker skin areas), and cleansing as it dissolves dead skin and debris from face (natural exfoliation). I started researching some good recipes for this and finally decided that I was going to use papaya and pineapple as my main ingredients. They both have a high enzyme potency.


After i collected some ingredients i went home to start slicing and blending. Soon after I realized that the papaya i had gotten wasn’t ripe…so i got my gun and shot it. Actually i just used my big guns and continued slicing the very hard papaya. I decided to use it anyway.

I STARTED PUTTING THINGS INTO THE BLENDER: baby papaya, pineapple chunks, honey, aloe vera, rosewater



poured into container. (This stuff has to be refrigerated or else)


It came out a milky color, with an interesting but not bad scent, mostly smelling like the baby papaya. It was a lot more watery than I’d hoped for a mask, but i felt that it would be good for better penetration into the skin, since the molecules were so small. Less useless matter sitting on top of skin. Plus, it would last many days longer since a little goes a long way. I used it a few days a week and gave some to my mother for her to try. The results were a success!


A fresh feel when it’s on your face, you might notice it a little itchy but not unbearable but that means it’s working. The more you feel it, the more sensitive your skin is. Leave it on for ten minutes and wash off. Unfortunately, the mask even though kept in the fridge, eventually rotted after 2 weeks, in which you’ll surely notice the difference in smell. Next time I will have to freeze it.

My mother and I both noticed fine lines reduced, softer, more supple skin. A lingering scent of baby papaya stayed on the skin for days after the treatment, even after washing the face, putting on make up, etc.. The lingering scent of papaya was a great sign, meaning the scent as well as other enzymes are probably holding on and still working for more than the time that the mask is on. I also realized that this might have not happened if it wasn’t for the unripe papaya I had struggled with. The good stuff takes a little effort.

So Reader, I encourage you to try my successful Papaya Mask out and let me know what kind of experience you have with it.



Happy Skin

Since I am an Esthetician I do alot of playing around with natural substances to create natural products for skin. The benefit of this is that you get to know exactly what is put into your skin product and can use materials as close to the root as you want. The more natural the better. Our delicate face skin is exposed everyday to harmful molecules that can inject themselves into our cells causing a change in our healthy skin cell tissue. The secret to protecting against these factors, i believe, is in the natural. The closer to the root you are the better you feel. It’s called homeostasis, the maintenance of metabolic equilibrium by a tendency to compensate for disrupting changes that take place.

I also find great joy in mixing and making things with my own two hands. Seeing some great results with something i had created. I find my recipe’s from all over the place. My ideas can stem anywhere from ancient Indian rituals to those flowers sitting outside your window. A lot of the things I have made so far have been pretty successful in what I call a good skin product. As i make more of these creations, i have decided that I am going to start blogging about them. I would love to share my results, and for you to give me feedback.

A stylized pattern of movements performed by an animal


–verb (used without object) 


to move one’s feet or body, or both, rhythmically in a pattern of steps, esp. to the accompaniment of music.

to leap, skip, etc., as from excitement or emotion; move nimbly or quickly: to dance with joy.

to bob up and down: The toy sailboats danced on the pond.
–verb (used with object) 


to perform or take part in (a dance): to dance a waltz.

to cause to dance: He danced her around the ballroom.

to cause to be in a specified condition by dancing: She danced her way to stardom.


a successive group of rhythmical steps or bodily motions, or both, usually executed to music.

an act or round of dancing; set: May I have this dance?

the art of dancing: to study dance.

a social gathering or party for dancing; ball: Was he invited to the dance?

a piece of music suited in rhythm or style to a particular form of dancing: He liked the composer’s country dances.

Animal Behavior . a stylized pattern of movements performed by an animal, as a bird in courtship display, or an insect, as a honeybee in indicating a source of nectar.

the dance, ballet, interpretive dancing, and other dancing of an artistic nature performed by professional dancers before an audience.
These are all of the definitions of dance pulled from Dictionary.com. Which definition fits you best? Or do you have your own definition? Because we are human, I believe it is vital for us to do some form of dance in our daily lives, and perhaps we already do unnoticingly.
Does anyone ever wish you could go through your daily life to the sound of music? A new song for every occasion, every mood and situation; Zip-a-dee-dooda, whistle while you work. It probably wouldn’t be as special after a while, but dang that would be FUN. People who dance professionally, i believe, know the benefits, earned excellence, and excitement all too well that it brings to our world. Dancing brings you back to life if your tired. It’s true! If you feel sluggish and/or lethargic push yourself to get up and move your bod to some music! Even tapping your foot to it can give you a lift. So many health improvements! Endorphins are released your body gets toned, your toxins get sweat out. Most of us dancers don’t even realize this until we even think about it, because it’s such a mindful, in the moment experience.
As a dancer, I have done many styles of dance. Each style has a different but very special expression that you have to learn and create with your body movements, style of dress, facial expressions, music genre, etc. All from different cultures and ethnicities, passed down from generation to generation; legends and myths that are told, but all through the body. Even in the clubs you can see some culture! Rap culture- long white tees, saggy pants girls in tiny dresses with cleveges popping out to the full extent, stilettos, some of the sexiest get up i have ever seen. Body movements like grinding butts and fronts all up on your gangster. With any kind of dance, (some more “proper” than others) i believe there’s a style for everyone that makes them feel their best. Whether watching or doing, passion or not, you will get your vitality.
Thank you for reading. and one more thing sang best by Lee Ann Womack=)

I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance
Never settle for the path of least resistance
Living might mean taking chances
But they’re worth taking
Lovin’ might be a mistake
But it’s worth making
Don’t let some hell bent heart
Leave you bitter
When you come close to selling out
Give the heavens above
More than just a passing glance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance

Fashion Innovation

Fashion is innovation to promote value in others lives as well as our own.

After reading a plethora of fashion magazines as a teenager, I had new found imagination and inspiration in my own style of doing things. Different subjects of interest had taken me to do schooling, such as in Esthetition work, Make-Up Artistry, Skin Care, Medical Science, and Dance, but all seem to fit hand in hand with my passion with the art of fashion. Admiration is in demand, it creates an inspiration for other things to be pursued. What better way is there to do that than dressing yourself to your unique confidence in style, for your unique areas of interest? I recognize that compliments come naturally when people feel and look great. Many of us have gone through many styles during the different era’s of our lifespans so far. I have noticed the quite unique way that I always put a twist on mainstream trends. Some of the trends would seem to start after an admired person took a fashion “risk” in a group of people who would dress significantly the same. As soon as I would notice though, a trend that would start, I would definitely switch it up and push the boundry button once again. Isn’t that how great work innovation starts? Too much of the same thing is boring after a while, it can get old, repetitive, and unproductive. It’s up to us to make the changes that promote innovation not only in art or fashion, but with our interests and the whole world itself. It is ours, we can choose to take care of this place we own, or let it get run down which costs a lot of money for the fixin’ up later (plastic surgery). Let us liven it up and play with the colors and patterns of the world. Expressing our own unique selves has value. Great work comes naturally.